“Amazing Peace and Joy Restored”

Chanctonbury Healing Centre (CHC) was launched in September with a team of twenty people who gave up their Saturday morning to act as a ‘conduit’ for God to release ‘heaven on earth’ in the form of healing in peoples’ lives.

At our first CHC we had no idea whether anyone would turn up!As it happens, 15 people arrived between 10am – 11am, many had a faith, some did not, but that didn’t matter…Of the 15 people who came, 11 testified to experiencing an improvement or complete healing in the issue they brought before God the Father. Here are two examples: a young woman with anxiety and mental health challenges felt a physical change in her abdomen which she couldn’t really explain, but left feeling different, in a good way. A lady with osteoarthritis who, on a scale of 1-10, rated her pain on arrival at 8/9. She left with zero pain and her movement had become much easier!

At CHC in October, we had a team of about 20 people, but 25 people arrived through the doors needing a miracle, some from as far away as Weybridge in Surrey! Here are just a couple of examples of God bringing wholeness to people that day:  a lady who had what she called ‘food intolerances’, which left her feeling tired all the time, said after her time with us, ‘I feel ten feet tall, and full of energy!’ Another woman whose mind was very unsettled due to being anxious about her family, found a new perspective with amazing peace and joy restored to her, as those who ministered to her received detailed information from God as they listened to Him, about this woman’s life and situation. The result was that she realised God loved her enough to tell complete strangers what was going on in her life, and that He was the solution to the challenges she was experiencing! Amazing! Everyone is welcome.  No issue is too small or too great

Upcoming Healing Centre dates:
Saturday 12 January, 9 February, 9
10 – 11am Ashington Church