Monthly Healing Centre

Building upon the fruit of our healing nights at Washington during the past three years, we are opening a new monthly space on Saturday mornings – Chanctonbury Healing Centre. The Healing Centre will take place once a month between 10 – 11am on a Saturday morning. No appointments are required, and everyone is welcome – just drop in and there will be people available who would consider it a privilege to pray for you  There is no issue too small nor too great, and you don’t have to be a church goer.

To encourage you that God does indeed heal today, here is one, of many accounts of His power at work:

A lady came to one of our healing meetings in June with a number of physical issues. She had a collapsed vertebra in her back, which meant she was in pain, she was bent over and used two walking sticks. She also wore two hearing aids due to hearing loss, plus her eyes were red, inflamed and almost closed due to an oozy discharge from them causing her to squint so much that you couldn’t see the colour of her eyes. After some prayer, she left walking upright, without pain and carrying her sticks! She removed her hearing aids, because the sounds in the building were so ‘loud’, and she could hear perfectly! Her eyes opened and cleared, so that you could see the colour of her eyes, the oozing decreased and she could read without glasses!

God continues to do today what he did through His son Jesus 2000 years ago.

Upcoming Healing Centre dates:
Saturday 15 September, 13 October, 
10 November & 8 December
10 – 11am Ashington Church