Kingdom Come Families 2019


Equipping whole families to encounter and enjoy His presence.

We believe that transformation comes through families and therefore we want to equip a number of families to seek encounter with their Heavenly Father with their children and give them ideas to continue at home

This event is designed for family groups (one or two parents or grandparents with children).  Any interested childrens’ workers are also welcome to observe and/or join a family group as appropriate.  The focus will be on learning a few practices well, which could be continued at home.  The event is designed for school-age children up to Year 6; pre-schoolers are welcome at the family’s discretion, but the content is not aimed at that age group.  Please email if you are planning to bring any pre-schoolers.  Refreshments will be provided.

You are welcome to stay afterwards for a picnic together.  Please bring your own food.

from 1.45pm

Price:  £15 per family of up to four people.  If you would like to bring additional family members, individual tickets are available for £5 each.  £10 for individual children's workers.

Please register all members of a family together.