New morning service at Ashington

The purpose of life is relationship: to live in relationship with God and with other people. Working at building a relationship with God has transformed the other relationships in my life, both in family and in community, as prayer has transformed my own life. I have always been a fidget, in a hurry and found it difficult to sit still and concentrate, and I always found it difficult to pray for more than a few minutes at a time. Although I have believed in God for many years, and had an active faith, I could not spend much time in prayer and meditation – it simply did not come naturally to me.

A couple of years ago, I discovered prayer walking.  Walking my two dogs up on the South Downs, or through woods or fields, I began by thanking God for all that He is and what He has done for me. This grew into asking Him to make me the person He created me to be. I now feel able to spend as long as I want to with the living God! As a result, I pray at anytime and anywhere, as prayer has become a completely natural, flowing thing – even sitting quite still occasionally

Our relationships with other people are as vital as our relationship with God, and that is why we gather as Church to worship God together. I have been going to Ashington Church for about 12 years now, and it has been wonderful to be part of this amazing growing community which has a vision to see God’s Kingdom come in this area, and to see everyone grow in relationship with God.

Ashington Church has grown so much that space needs to be made to enable people to come and join in, as so often, it is bursting at the seams on a Sunday morning! So beginning on
1 October, a second morning service will be ‘planted’, to become one Church with two worshipping communities. Everyone can choose which service and which community they feel they would like to belong to.

The two morning services will be at 9.00am and at 11.00am: the 9.00am a bit quieter, lasting for about an hour, the 11.00am a bit louder in its style of worship, and lasting for about an hour and a half. This will also be where Children’s Church and Youth groups gather.

Refreshments will be served just after 10.00am for those who have just attended the 9.00am and those arriving for the 11.00am. This will enable the two communities to meet, mingle and have a catch up. At 10.20am there will be an opportunity to receive prayer for anything, including healing.

The youth work at Ashington Church is also growing and senior youth worker, Paddy Donovan will be joining together with other churches from across the area in hosting a youth worship event called Set the Fire, starting at 6pm on the first Sunday of October, November and December in Ashington Church.

Also starting on 1 October, all Sunday morning services at Washington will begin at 10.00am.   

If you would like to know more, do come along to one of the services and find out!