You are so welcome here

We are a growing family of Christians living to see the presence of God transform our land and the communities around us.

We have churches in Ashington, Washington and Wiston, each different in style, but united in heart and mind.

Our heart is for each and every person to experience the reality of Jesus Christ in their lives, knowing the joy, hope and freedom He brings.

Our vision for the future

We dream of a future where Jesus’ prayer of “on earth as it is in heaven” becomes our present: We’ve called it ‘2033’.

In the year 2033…

…a tipping point was reached in a small backwater cluster of villages in the county of Sussex. Over the past three decades, what can only be described as the presence of God had been growing steadily at a deep and permeative level throughout the communities.

The small historic churches were packed inside and out, hosting continuous services throughout each weekend, as person after person queued to worship. The historic churches had themselves birthed new church communities in converted barns, new-builds and community spaces right across the area. Rivalry was consigned to being a historical anomaly as a rich oneness marked the entire Church of Jesus Christ.

Inside the churches, rich embraced poor, young honoured old, each considered possessions for the benefit of all, miracles great and small occurred daily as the Word went forth, and a beautiful serenity rested upon each gathering.

But that wasn’t the remarkable feature. That was to be found in the very atmosphere abroad in the land: Simply driving into the area, many accounts were told of longterm addictions being instantly broken. Many told of having to stop cars by the roadside as tears of healing joy streamed down faces, of kneeling beside their running engines to find the Lord Jesus Christ revealing His glorious love and freeing power. Countless sightings of angelic hosts were reported, dreams and visions of God were seen by young and old, and it is said that people felt a ‘lightness’ here… as if they could reach out and touch heaven itself… this was awakening.

This was revival. This was reformation… transformation – whatever name you want to give it.

All we can say is: God is there.


Various teams work and pray together to discern the will of God. These include churchwardens, PCC members, intercessors, staff and clergy.

Senior Team
James & Lou di Castiglione
Senior Leaders
Jim Waddell
Head of Pastoral, Associate Vicar
Andrew White
Head of Operations
Jonny Fossey
Head of Youth
Nick Taylor
Head of Kids (Community)
Holly Draper
Head of Kids (Church)
Clergy & Ordinands
Ed Quibell
Associate Vicar
Patrick Pearson-Miles
Paddy Donovan
Nick Graham-Smith
Anthony Ray
James Peill
Andrew Muddle
Suzy Rushforth

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All glory to God

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Heaven is here

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Revival starts with me

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People are precious

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To the ends of the earth