Chanctonbury Worship – ‘an unceasing sound’

A community that reflects the atmosphere and inhabits the culture of heaven, where the song of His goodness never ends…

Households of Glory

A video series filmed during lockdown to inspire households in isolation to worship

Episode 1

Finding Your Voice and Expressing It

Episode 2

What Is Worship?

Episode 3

A Worshipping Community in Isolation

Episode 4

The Role of Worship in a Crisis

Episode 5




 We are a family united in musical and spiritual oneness releasing the sound of heaven here


It’s more than the song we sing. It’s the outpouring of the gushings of our heart in response to Jesus’ worth, kingship and victory.

We are designed to find our fullest expression in life standing before Him accepted, delighted in and chosen.

To use what we have been freely given to pioneer a sustainable truth and culture that cost us something to get there.

Core Values

‘the presence of God had been growing at a deep and permeative level throughout the communities …. Now surely we can say …..this is the dwelling place of God….’

‘a rich oneness marked the entire church of Jesus Christ … rich embraced poor, young honoured old, each considered possessions for the benefit of all.’

‘Envoys, missionaries and life-igniters were sent from this place around the nation and beyond, proclaiming everywhere they went: He is the Lord, the Giver of life….’

 ‘Rivalry was consigned to a historical anomaly … This was the reformation …transformation – whatever name you want to give it. All we can say is: God is here’

‘Artistry flourished, craftsmanship thrived, music and poetry written, dripping with the glory of Heaven…’

All of this requires a ‘yes’ in our hearts.

Luke Christian-Farman
Head of Worship

Luke and Claire moved to Sussex at the end of January 2018 with a song to sing and a story to tell. During their third and final year at Bethel’s supernatural school of ministry, they felt God’s call on their lives to mother and father a tribe of wild worshippers. With a background of sound engineering and producing Luke pioneers the worship ministry across Chanctonbury Churches with Claire at his side.


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