“If my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”

2 Chronicles 7: 14

United in Prayer

Praying for Yourself and others

Dear Chanctonbury Family,

This month I thought I’d give some practical advice on how to pray for yourself and others based on the release and increase of the fruit, the wisdom and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which is available to all who believe! These prayers work for all ages, just adapt them depending on what season of life people are in (school, work, etc).

Why don’t you try setting time aside each day to pray these for yourself, your family, your friends, those in government etc.

The fruit of the Spirit in your/their life (Gal 5:22-23)

Pray for :

  • Greater release of the fruit of the Spirit to be established in your/their life – an increase of peace, patience, kindness, love, gentleness, self-control, goodness and faithfulness
  • Greater release of God’s character formed in your/their life
  • Spirit of conviction to be released on me/them, enabling me/them to be aware of when I/they are acting in sin. (John 16:8)
  • Spirit of wisdom and revelation of the knowledge of God to increase in my/their life (Ephesians 1:17)
  • For me/them to be filled with love for Jesus and others
  • For God to pour His love into my/their heart
  • God to deliver me/them from all evil

The wisdom of the Spirit (Col 1:9-10)

Pray for:

  • Greater insight into God’s plans for my/their life
  • An increase in Spiritual understanding so that I/they may walk in a way that is worthy and pleasing to God
  • Increase of Spiritual wisdom, asking for dreams and visions that give insight into God’s will for my/their life
  • Pray for God to give you/them strategic plans for your/their life
  • God to grant you/them wisdom to know His plans for life – career, friendships, marriage partners, choices and decision making

The gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12:7-10)

Pray for:

  • Greater release of the gifts of His Spirit in you/their life
  • Increased favour, protection, provision, blessing
  • Greater measure of God’s power in your/their life
  • Physical health
  • Favour in relationships, education, workplace
  • Protection from all attacks of the enemy and any sickness or financial attacks

I wonder if we all committed to praying these things for ourselves and our loved ones/leaders etc, what fruit we would see in our life and in the lives of others?

Mike Bickle, Director of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, believes that ‘God has chosen intercession as the primary means of releasing His power in the earth’. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we as a Church were incredible at releasing God’s power in the earth not only through our words and actions, but also through prayer!

With love,

Lou di Castiglione
Senior Leader

Prayer is:

• a conversation with God the Father, through Jesus the son, in the power of the Holy Spirit

• an opportunity to thank Him, praise Him, ask Him and grow in our relationship with Him

• the foundation of everything we do

Prayer for and with individuals: Prayer ministry is available after every church service

If you would like to receive prayer, or would like us to pray for someone or a specific situation, please contact us.


Praying together

Prayer for revival across the Chanctonbury area is the focus of our prayers. Interconnected via WhatsApp, the Kingdom Come Intercessors are made up of a significant number of people who are intentionally and passionately crying out to God for revival!  

Head of Prayer: Lou di Castiglione 

Kingdom Come Intercessors Team Leader: Dolly Waddell

Revival Prayer Zoom

Every Tuesday, 6:15-6:45am

For details on how to access the Zoom meeting, email prayer@chanctonbury.org.uk.

Emergency Prayer Chain

Praying for specific situations and people
If you want to pray for others, or have a prayer request, email the prayer team



Team Leader: Gill Lewis