The Lent Course - Miracles & Healing Today

Healing is part of the gospel, (good news), of Jesus Christ.A s well as being part of our inheritance as Christians, it is a tangible way of showing the love and nature of God to people within our church community, and the community at large. As Christians, (little Christ's), we are called to live out, display and reveal the full gospel, of which healing is a part, to the whole world. 

The Lent Course is an opportunity to discover how.
Week 1: The Nature of God, His identity forms our identity, and informs our view of healing.
Week 2: Scripture reveals God's plan for healing. We are going on a whistle stop tour from Genesis to Revelation to discover what's there.
Week 3: Misunderstandings and Objections: Q and A – your chance to ask the burning questions: Who's in control? Paul's thorn in the flesh? Now and not yet? Suffering? Mental Health? Just a few potential topics.
Week 4: What do I do if I, or the person I am praying for is not healed? If I am healed, how do I keep my healing?
Week 5: Practical help on hearing God's voice, and ministering to someone who needs healing in body, mind or spirit – Do's and Don'ts.
There will be opportunities for healing ministry each week.