Kingdom Come Youth 2018


Kingdom Come Youth - A day of worship, teaching, having fun and encountering more of God exploring the topics of hosting the presence of God.

We are excited to announce the launch of Kingdom Come Youth Conference this summer on Saturday, June 16th. We are thrilled to be joined by Chuck Parry, Associate Director of Bethel Healing Rooms, Redding California as our speaker for the 4th year, to build upon what has been steadily growing amongst us. Over the past three years, young people from our churches and local area have been hugely impacted and encouraged in their own faith by attending these conferences, which has served as the main impetus for wanting to set aside a day to serve the future of the Church. 

We’ve come to consider Chuck as part of the family, being a real blessing to our churches, as well as previous delegates at our conferences. He is also exceptionally fun to spend the day with, profoundly wise in his knowledge of God and the scriptures, as well as being incredibly genuine and full of integrity in his character.

Our vision is to bring together young people from across our area to inspire, empower and equip young people within the Church, to see and bring more of the Kingdom of God into all areas of their lives. Kingdom Come Youth is a day of worship, testimonies, teaching, encountering more of God, exploring the topics surrounding hosting the presence of God as well as having enormous amounts of fun together. 

More info -> Watch this video 

Early bird offer: When you book 6 young people by May 18th, the youth leader gets a free ticket! 

More practically:

  • The day will be hosted at Ashington Church (RH20 3JX)
  • Tickets Cost: £10 which includes refreshments and BBQ lunch
  • Registration opens at 10am
  • The day includes 3 main sessions of worship, teaching and ministry before finishing at 6:30pm
  • BBQ lunch hosted on the farm next to the church
  • Evening ‘after party’ event, with campfire and live acoustic music, for time to hang out and digest all that has happened
  • Suggested age range: 13-19 
  • In order to maintain a safe and spiritually nurturing environment for young people, all young people must be accompanied by an associated youth leader who is responsible for the welfare of up to 6 young people. (6:1 minimum ratio of youth:leaders). 

For more information contact paddyd@chanctonburychurches // 07587585059 or Pippa on for further information.