Sinai Sessions

Transformation through being in the glory of God.

This is  a monthly space on the first Tuesday morning of each month – open to all, to encounter the glory of God.

Why are we doing this? Some of the inspiring testimonies we are receiving and learning from, are occurring through simply being in the presence of God. We want to accelerate this to see more transformation. Moses went up ‘Mount Sinai’ in Exodus 33 and visibly shone with the after-effects of being in glory. Sinai Sessions is space to be in God’s presence.

 Learning from the Kingdom Conference and the ministry of Chuck Parry: Many of the miracle stories through which Chuck has taught us, occur in the Healing Rooms ministry which he leads. Healing Rooms combines worship, creative arts, prayer ministry and other ways to connect with God’s presence.

 We are learning from Chuck, yet also seeking not to ‘lift off the shelf’ ministry from other places, and want to creatively respond to God’s leading in our context here in West Sussex. Sinai Sessions has been conceptualised by the Chanctonbury Churches Staff team – we are learning ourselves, and invite you into the journey!

 What is the hope for Sinai Sessions to accomplish? We want to establish a monthly space where all the fruits and blessings of being immersed in God’s glory are evidenced: We aspire to see physical healings, emotional and spiritual breakthroughs and deliverance, to see creative expression released, to see callings re-found, to see ‘captives freed’, and the manifest presence of God resting on His Church. We want to see LIFE in all its fullness!

 When, where and what?

On the first Tuesday of each month, we are opening a space in Ashington Church, open to all from 10am – 11:30am. When you arrive, there will be a short preparation stage, before entering the church. In the main church area, there will be several ‘zones’ to stimulate engaging with God’s presence: Art, Communion, Dance, Creative expression, Prayer ministry. There will be worship flowing throughout.

 We’d love you to join in!