Kingdom Come Conference returns for 2019 with four exciting events we’d love you to be a part of.

Since 2015, Kingdom Come conference has grown from the simple desire to set time aside to ‘seek first’ more of the Kingdom of Heaven to come here on earth – for us here in Sussex, in the South East of England.

We believe God is pouring out His Spirit upon His people. We believe He is restoring the Church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ with words and deeds, accompanied by signs and wonders. We believe within the presence of God ‘broken hearts are bound up, captives are freed’, righteousness, peace and joy overflow – and life in all its’ fullness abounds! We believe God is doing a deep work of renewal, revival and transformation within the United Kingdom – and He is graciously preparing us to play our part.

Chanctonbury Churches and The Community Church Storrington have come together as one for these events, with the sole aim of making space for the Spirit of God. We are rooted locally, grateful for the historical shoulders upon which we stand, awed by the breadth of the body of Christ and his love, shooting for the glory of Jesus.


Chuck Parry, Dave Harvey & Taff Harvey


2018 TALKS