Month of Prayer & Fasting


As we begin 2019, we invite us all to start the New Year by creating extra time and space to seek God. In the year ahead we are inviting the Lord to take us deeper in our revelation, experience and understanding of Him as Heavenly Father. We would love to be a people deeply “rooted and grounded in love” (Ephesians 3:17), knowing Father as Jesus did, and renowned for His compassion and mercy to one another and those who do not know Him.

We have entitled this month “The Father’s Heart in Revival” as through church history we observe that when God is moving He consistently reveals His nature more deeply as a loving Father. As we seek to release more of His life and Kingdom here, it feels like the Spirit is stirring us to encounter this revelation – to know Him and His glorious love, and to be changed and transformed in our character and attitudes as we grow and move forward.

We are setting aside January as a month of prayer and fasting, and within this leaflet various ways to engage are set out. Beyond the gatherings detailed here, we would love to encourage everyone when gathering with others, to initiate spending time praying, worshipping, listening and receiving from God.

May the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus, “who is from the Father’s Heart and has come to make Him known” (John 1:18).

With love,

James & Lou

How can I engage?

The general principle is ‘taking personal responsibility – avoiding legalism’. The new covenant Jesus established through the cross fulfills the old covenant worship ‘laws’ that were required. However, what is clear in the New Testament is that when you invest in spiritual disciplines with God as the focus, stuff changes in our lives and circumstances around us. One recent church example was when the Catalyst Team prayed and fasted at the end of 2017, extraordinary financial provision was released the very next week!

You may want to ask God how He is inviting you to pray and fast over the coming month – then share this with a trusted friend who can encourage you as the weeks unfold!

Daily Morning Prayer

For four consecutive weeks, starting on Monday 7 January and finishing on 1 February, join us for early morning prayer each weekday morning from 8.45am-9.15am as we rotate around our different churches.

Together, using the Ffald-y-Brenin Rhythm of prayer as a framework, we will be fixing our eyes on Jesus at the start of each day, listening to what the Father is saying and speaking Holy Spirit life in all its fullness over our communities.

Daily Locations

Monday | Washington Church

Tuesday | Ashington Church

Wednesday | Buncton Chapel

Thursday | Washington Church

Friday | Ashington Church

Ffald-y-Brenin booklets will be available
in church to buy at £2.00 each.

Wednesday Nights at Wiston

From 7.30pm

Week 1 | Wednesday 9 January
The Restoration of Family

Week 2 | Wednesday 16 January
Lessons from Revival History

Week 3 | Wednesday 23 January
The ‘Atmosphere Abroad in the Land’

Week 4 | Wednesday 30 January
Intimacy, Repentance & Joy

St Mary’s Wiston, Wiston House, Steyning, BN44 3DZ

Night of Prayer

Friday 4 January

7.45pm – 12am | St Mary’s Wiston

Night of Celebration

Saturday 2 February

6pm – 12am | Ashington Church

Coming up in February

Sessions are repeated morning & evening

Manifestations of the Spirit:
What? Why? From where? How?

Thursday 7 February

Morning  |  10am  |  Ashington Church

Evening  |  8pm  |  Ashington Social Club

Healing Training

Saturday 2 February

9am – 1pm  | Ashington Church

Being Filled with the Power of the Spirit:
What? Why? Who? How?

Monday 11 February

Morning  |  10am  |  Ashington Church

Evening  |  8pm  |  Ashington Social Club