Iringa School for the Deaf

Tony and Sue Vaughan who worship at Washington, have supported and frequently visited the Iringa School for the Deaf, which is owned by the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha in Tanzania and is now at risk of closure. Join this crowdfunding appeal (for another 4 weeks only). Read here for more information.

As some of you know, Sue and I (who worship at St Mary’s, Washington) are involved via The David Tilley Children’s Foundation (a UK registered charity no. 1138133), in supporting students at St Michael’s Secondary School in Kilolo, a village in the southern highlands of Tanzania about a 45min drive south from the main centre of Iringa.

We have also supported and frequently visited the Iringa School for the Deaf. This school, like St Michael’s, is owned by the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha but in the case of the deaf school, the Tanzanian government pays for the specialist teachers and the upkeep of buildings. They do not however, pay for the 13 ancillary staff (cooks, cleaners, gardener, admin staff etc) whose pay for the past 10 years was covered by an agreement with a European philanthropist. This arrangement has now expired and the burden has fallen on the Diocese which itself already struggles to make ends meet. The Anglican Bishop Joseph Mgomi, who we know well and trust impeccably, has appealed for help. The cost of paying the 13 staff is £12,000 per year in total, which seems very modest but is unaffordable by the Diocese. Our concern is that if these costs cannot be met there is a risk that the deaf school could close. The school is a very happy environment housing deaf and blind students from all over Tanzania.

The crowdfunding link only has a life of 4 weeks


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Many thanks.

 All good wishes, Tony & Sue Vaughan