Please can we pray for Shilpa, one of the Ashington mission partners, over the next couple of weeks. Jon Hargreaves and a small team are going out to Nasik to run a workshop in partnership with her. Jon is a long standing friend of the church, and has worked with Shilpa before at Feba Radio. Jon runs his own charity called HCR ( They will be running the Adivasi Community Media Project where they can make audio and possibly video content to distribute to the community on small MP3 players. The workshops will run from Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February, and are the first project that Shilpa and Jon will be doing with their new charities. Let’s pray for great unity amongst the teams of volunteers, for great communication to the Adivasi, and for all the resources they need to make the project have a lasting impact. The Giving Team were delighted to be able to give HCR some monies towards this project at the end of 2017.