Teaching & Equipping Month – starting next Wednesday 25th April until 25th May.

Please note that the Monday lunchtime sessions have now been cancelled, but the Wednesday evening sessions will be recorded.

Here is further information regarding the content of the sessions as follows:

Wednesday Nights – Citizens of the Kingdom: New People, Royal Priests and Holy Nations

25 April: Return of the King: good news for a new creation

2 May: Woman and Children First! The Trinity and the invention of the person

9 May: The Opposite of Faith: offence, temples and time travel

16 May: The Kingdom and the kingdoms: war & peace for insiders & outsiders

23 May: Disciples and Orphans: anxiety, abundance and the Holy Spirit

Thursday Daytimes – Every Kingdom needs a King: The Word of God in the Gospel of John

3 May: John 1-5

10 May: John 6-10

17 May: John 11-15

24 May: John 15-21

Saturdays – The Kingdom Imagination of the Earliest Christians

12 May: Philippians

19 May: Ephesians

Pick up the leaflet entitled ‘A Theology of the Kingdom of God’ or book in here or via the website.